Monday, February 1, 2016

Word of Stunning

This ability is inspired by D&D's "Power Word: Stun" spell.  I wrote it up as an option for Death Knights (essentially the Wraith from GURPS Undead or 4th Editions's GURPS Magic, minus the Ethereal Body.)  I'm still not sure whether to use Malediction 1 or 2 on this one.


17 points

You know one of the Secret Words, and can incapacitate a person who hears it.  To use this ability, you must concentrate and speak the word.  If the subject hears it, he must win a Quick Contest of your Will vs. his HT.  If he loses, he is stunned.

Modifers: You are at -1 per yard to the subject.  Protected Hearing adds its normal bonus to the resistance roll.  As a Magical ability, Magery and Magic Resistance have their normal effects.

Statistics: Affliction 1 (Malediction 1, +100%; Hearing Based, -20%; Magical, -10%; +70%) 17 points.

1 comment:

  1. I'd suggest making it a leveled ability for Malediction 2. Another suggestion might be using Area of Effect and Emanation combined since it is hearing based. I like it though.