Friday, February 12, 2016

Magic Related Advantages

Here are some magic-related Advantages I use, including Trained by an Archmage which I promised to post today.

Antimagic Shield

5 points/level

Prerequisite: Sorcerer or Trained by an Archmage.

Any hostile spell cast on you gets a -1 penalty per level of this advantage. You add your level to any resistance rolls vs. spells cast on you, or add double your level against Area spells.

This may be purchased in play with earned experience.

Statistics: Magic Resistance (Improved, +150%).

Far Caster

30 points

Prerequisite: Sorcerer or Trained by an Archmage.

When you cast a spell that uses the Regular range penalty of -1/yard, you instead use the penalty from the Speed/Range table. Any spells that are touch-only or that use the Long Distance penalties are unaffected.

Mage Sight

5 points

(Note: I don't use Magery 0)

You can detect magic items the first time you see or touch them.  Roll vs. Per + Magery; a success means you can tell the object is magical. One try per object!

This may be purchased in play with earned experience.

Trained by an Archmage

20 points

Prerequisite: Magery.

You are the former student of an Archmage, one of the most potent spellcasters in the world. The understanding of magic you gained from this training has allowed you to overcome some of the ordinary bounds of magic.

Access to Healing spells: Unlike normal wizards, you have access to the College of Healing without Clerical Investment.
Esoteric Knowledge: You don't have to buy Secret Spell perks, or Secret Knowledge perks for magic-related specializations of Hidden Lore.
Ignore Advantage Prerequisites: You are free to ignore a required Advantage in a spell's prerequisites.  Attribute-based prerequisites still apply.
Special Access: You can buy some abilities that are otherwise limited to Sorcerers.


0 points

Prerequisite: Magery 2+.

You are capable of casting spells as any other mage, but your power source is different. You use the Threshold Based Magery rules, instead of using FP to power your spells. Your base Threshold is 40 and your base Recovery is 10.

Special Enhancement: Chaotic Magic, +0%: Your Threshold and Recovery Rate are random instead of being fixed. Roll each morning when you get your Recovery, converting the set amount to dice. Example: Threshold 40 would become 11d+2, and Recovery 10 would become 3d.


  1. Do you think you'll change sorcerers over to use the Thaumatology: Sorcery rules?

    1. No, I like the basic magic system and I don't see a need for the Sorcery system. I know quite a few folks don't like the basic one but I've never had any problems with it.