Tuesday, February 16, 2016

NPC Morale

Morale Checks

I use a morale system for NPCs inspired by the one in AD&D (1st Edition.)  The base Morale Check is equal to the NPC's Fright Check number, and I don't bother to check until something happens. To qualify as a "Unit" a group has to have a group leader.  The highest ranking leader on a side can make a Leadership check as a complementary skill at the start of combat, giving +2/+1/-1/-2 to the Morale Check for his group.

Base modifiers:
Green and untested unit: -2
Irregulars/non-military (bandits, etc.): -1
Group experienced with working together: +1
Elite group: +2
All Members have a Sense of Duty to each other: +2

Make a check for the Unit on their turn under the following conditions:
Obviously outclassed: check each turn
Reach 25% casualties: Check at -1
Unit leader down (Major wound/Unconscious): Check at -2
Reach 50% casualties: Check at -3
Unit leader dead or flees: Check at -4

Other modifiers:
An enemy deserts: +1
Foe slain: +1 per, up to +3
Inflicting casualties, but not taking any: +3
Ally killed: -1
Outnumbered: -1
Outnumbered by 2-to-1: -2
Outnumbered by 3-to-1 or better: -3

The results of a failed Morale Check depends on the margin of failure:

1 or 2: Do Nothing for one turn, unit is Shaken (-1 to future morale checks, unit flees automatically if another is failed)
3 to 5: Fighting retreat
6 or more: Flee or surrender (Make a Reaction Roll vs. the party, Good or better then Surrender, otherwise Flee.)

The leader can make a Leadership check on his turn to snap a unit out of being Shaken, or to try to rally.  This is at a penalty equal to the Margin of Failure.

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