Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Spells: Illusions

Here are a few spells I've written for the Illusion & Creation college.  Cloaking is just a variant of Invisibility with I&C prerequisites.



The subject cannot be seen, but still makes sounds and can be tracked by scent or footprints. Anything he picks up (up to Heavy encumbrance) becomes invisible. See Invisible can detect him, as can Detect Illusion. See p. B394 for details about fighting invisible opponents.

This spell ends instantly if the subject attacks, is struck in combat, or casts a combat spell.

Duration: 1 minute.
Cost: 5/2.
Time to Cast: 3 seconds.
Prerequisites: Complex Illusion and Illusion Disguise.

Item: A cloak or hat; only affects the wielder. Energy cost: 1,000.



Anyone the subject interacts with must resist with their Will vs. the spell’s current Endurance or react more favorably. Their reaction bonus to the subject is equal to half the energy spent (up to +3.) Unlike normal circumstances, those who resist won’t realize they’ve resisted a spell.

A Glamour can be broken down by multiple successful resistances. It starts with an Endurance equal to the caster’s effective skill at the time of casting. Each successful resistance roll reduces this by one, or 1d on a critical success. When its Endurance reaches 6 or less it’s dispelled.

This is an Illusion: anyone who sees the subject and suspects there’s an illusion present may disbelieve and dispel the spell by taking a turn to Concentrate and succeeding at a Will roll.

Duration: 1 minute.
Cost: Twice the reaction bonus (up to +3); same to maintain.
Prerequisites: Five Illusion and Creation spells including Illusion Disguise.

Item: Staff, wand, or jewelry; only affects the wielder. Usable only by mages. Energy cost to create: 600 × the maximum Reaction bonus.

Ignis Fatuus

Regular; Resisted by Will

This spell creates the illusion of a dancing, flickering flame that draws any observers to it. Anyone who fails to resist must move towards the flame each turn until he touches it. He can get a second resistance roll if an ally stops him and slaps him, splashes water on him, or otherwise tries to snap him out of it. Once he successfully touches it he can no longer be affected by this casting of the spell.

Modifiers: Look up the distance to the viewer on the Speed/Range Table and use the Range column.

Duration: 10 minutes.
Cost: 3. Cannot be maintained.
Time to Cast: 1 minute.
Prerequisites: Phantom Flame.

Phantasmal Killer (VH)

Regular; Resisted by Will

This spell creates an illusory monster capable of attack.  The caster must Concentrate for the Phantasmal Killer to act, otherwise it takes no action.

A Phantasmal Killer may, on the caster’s turn, Move or Attack. Its Move is equal to ½ the caster’s effective skill at the time of casting.  Its attacks have an effective Reach of C, 1.

When it attacks, the caster rolls a Quick Contest vs. Will. The spell deals injury equal to the caster’s margin of victory. Victims who lose consciousness can no longer take damage. A potential victim who resists the first attack is immune to any further attacks.

Duration: 1 minute.
Cost: 5.
Prerequisites: Magery 3, and at least 10 Illusion & Creation spells including Perfect Illusion.

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