Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Spells: College of Air

Here are a few spells I've cooked up for the Air college.  A couple of these are spells from other colleges written as an Air version.  I eliminated multi-college spells in my version of the spell list, putting all spells in one college only.  Given that, it makes sense to me that mages would try for variant versions in their chosen colleges.

Aeolian Net


A powerful updraft prevents a falling subject from taking falling damage.  His fall is slowed in the same manner as a parachute, but he always lands safely.

Duration: Until the subject lands.
Cost: 1.
Prerequisite: Shape Air.

Item: Clothing or jewelry. Energy cost to create: 1,000.

Deflecting Wind


You use air around you to deflect a projectile about to hit you – including any Missile spell that uses the Innate Attack (Projectile) skill to hit. This counts as a Parry.

Cost: 1.
Prerequisite: Shape Air.

Listening Wind


The caster can hear clearly any conversation that he can see, even at a great distance, or hear, provided there is an uninterrupted path of Air connecting him to the subjects.  He automatically makes all required Hearing rolls.  Air Vision will reveal this spell is active, as well as trace a visible path to the caster.

Duration: 1 minute.
Cost: 4 to cast. 2 to maintain.
Time to cast: 3 seconds.
Prerequisite: Magery 1 and Shape Air.  The caster may not have Deafness or Hard of Hearing.

Item: Staff, wand, or jewelry. Only affects the wearer. Energy cost to create: 400.

Sense Faint Smells


The subject’s sense of smell is greatly magnified. He gains the Discriminatory Smell advantage for the spell’s duration.  However, the subject’s ability to resist unpleasant odors is compromised, and he takes -4 to any smell-based resistance rolls.
Duration: 1 minute.
3 to cast, 2 to maintain.
Time to cast: 3 seconds.

Lifting Wind (VH)


Air, smoke, or other gases lift the subject up and allow him to fly through the air under his own control at a Flying Move of (2×Basic Speed).  This won’t work in a vacuum or underwater; a trace amount of air must be present.

Duration: 1 minute.
Cost: 5 to cast. 3 to maintain.
Time to cast: 2 seconds.
Prerequisites: Magery 2 and Walk on Air.

Item: Cape, cloak, or mantle. Usable only by mages; only affects the wearer. Energy cost to create: 2,000.

Airy Messenger


The spell conjures a minor Elemental spirit which manifests as a light breeze. The spirit will deliver a spoken message of no more than thirty seconds duration to a specific recipient.  The spell ends when the message is delivered.  The Messenger can only be prevented from whispering its message to the recipient if that being is protected by a Pentagram, is locked in an airtight container, or is on another plane, in which case it will return to the caster, give him the undelivered message, and disperse. The Messenger can’t cross an airless void.

Modifiers: Use the Long-Distance Modifiers. If the caster doesn’t know the subject, he is at -2. If he doesn’t know the subject’s whereabouts, he is also at -5 (a successful Seeker spell will eliminate this). These penalties may be cumulative. A successful Trace gives a +5 bonus.

Duration: The Messenger travels to the subject at Move 100 (200 mph.)
Cost: 3.
Time to cast: Equal to the message’s duration, as spoken by the caster.
Prerequisites: Magery 1, Shape Air.

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