Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spells of the Archmage Gabriel

Gabriel, another PC who successfully made Archmage, wrote two new spells instead of crafting a magic item.

I think he used Flame Strike almost every fight after he wrote it.  He was a Sorcerer (a Threshold-based caster, not the new system) and rolled a Calamity Check exactly once over the course of two years playing the character, when he used it to set a whole city of vampires on fire.

Gabriel’s Flame Strike


The affected area is hit with a column of flames from the heavens, engulfing everyone in its area and causing immediate damage. This spell can only be cast outdoors.  Unlike most Area spells, the entire area must be affected.  The caster is unable to leave any “holes” in the targeted location.

Written sometime during the 600’s by Archmage Gabriel, there is no record that he has ever taught it to anyone else, but a few other mages have researched it successfully since.

This is a Fire spell.

Base Cost: 3 per 1d burning damage, up to Magery levels.  Minimum area 2 hexes.
Time to cast: 3 seconds.
Prerequisites: Magery 3 and eight other Fire spells including Create Fire.

Gabriel's Mass Teleport


The caster, and anyone with him in a circle of linked hands (tentacles, polyps, etc), moves instantly to a new location.  Everyone in the circle must make a Body Sense roll after arrival to act on their turn.  No one in the circle can be carrying more than Heavy encumbrance. If anyone in the circle attempts to resist, the spell fails automatically and the caster is likely to kick the culprit in the shins.

This is a Gate spell.

Cost: The same as for Teleport, multiplied by the number of participants.  Use the size modifier for the largest member of the group to calculate any additional modifiers.
Time to Cast: 1 second.  It will likely take longer than that to establish the circle in the first place.
Prerequisites: Magery 3 and Teleport Other.

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