Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday Spell: Dinjeesh’s Dazing Weapon

Courtesy of a PC played almost 20 years ago, here's the spell that launched him, in-game, as an Archmage (one of the requirements for that position is to write a new spell.)

Dinjeesh’s Dazing Weapon

Causes the subject weapon to bedazzle its victims.  Those struck by a Dazing weapon must make a HT roll, at -1 per 2 points of injury, or be dazed (see Afflictions).  This lasts until the subject is again attacked or 1 minute has passed.

This is a Mind Control spell.

Duration: 1 minute.
Cost: 8 to cast. 4 to maintain.
Time to cast: 3 seconds.
Prerequisites: Magery 2, Daze, and at least six other Mind Control spells.

Item: A weapon that dazes anyone it strikes. Energy cost to create: 2,000.  Double this for a missile weapon; divide it by 10 for ammunition.

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