Friday, January 22, 2016

Using Boardroom and Curia

GURPS Boardoom and Curia was an interesting book, but I wasn't sure I wanted to use it, so I decded to write up an organization that was important in a campaign that just ended to see what I thought.  After doing that, I think that I like the format, and it gives some useful information up-front about an organization.

I used the Medici writeup in Pyramid #86 as a basis and for general inspiration.  Thorinia is my gameworld's take on medieval Italy, minus the Holy Roman Empire.

House Conti of Sparra, Kingdom of Thorinia

Mission Statement: House Conti is a powerful merchant house of the Northern Thorinian Kingdom. They deal in rare goods such as spices, but typically avoid the overtly illegal. The loyalty of its members to the house is viewed as a given and they are normally treated quite well.


TL: 4.
Members: 96.
Wealth: Very Wealthy.
Contacts: Business skills-18 [15]; Politics-18 [3].
Member Traits: None.
Notable Resources: A family estate (the Green Palace) in the coastal city of Sparra, and numerous smaller estates and offices throughout Thorinia.
Reaction-Time Modifier: +4.


Startup Cost: $18,432,018.
Resource Value: $92,160.
Patron Value: 15 points.
Enemy Value: -20 points.
Ally and Dependent Value: Family members are from 100-300 points, concentrated in Wealth (all are Very Wealthy), Status, social advantages, IQ, various useful Talents, and business and political skills. Clerks and minor functionaries can plausibly be built on 25 points.


Type: Family.
CR: 3.
Loyalty: Good (13, +2).
Rank: Family Rank 0-4 [4/level].
Income Range: Struggling ($360) to Filthy Rich ($100,000).
Reputation: +2 (as wealthy and trustworthy among merchants and bankers); -2 (as decadent, from moralists).

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