Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday Spell: Dazzle

I like writing spells for standard GURPS Magic.  My players tend to as well, so I've got quite a few of them saved up.  Here's one I've been working on: it's a Blocking spell for Light and Darkness since that College lacks one and I think it could use at least one.  I'm not sure about the energy cost, though since this probably isn't any better than Iron Arm I don't think I would want it to cost any more than 1.

Blocking; R/HT
Light and Darkness

The caster interrupts a melee attack with a brilliant flash of light at the attacker. This counts as a Parry.  The subject resists with HT; if he fails to resist he is blinded for 3 seconds and his attack misses.  If the subject resists, but his margin of victory is less than 5, he is at -3 to DX for 1 minute, including for this attack.

The Bright Vision spell resists.  The Protected Vision advantage and other such appropriate measures give their normal bonus to this resistance roll.

Cost: 1.
Prerequisites: Flash.


  1. It seems a lot more potent than Iron Arm to me - blinded leaves the victim open to telegraphed rapid strikes from the caster's allies, and even a -3 DX penalty on a successful resistance is pretty potent. It's resisted, so it's less likely to succeed than an Iron Arm, but still...

    I'd probably put it at 2 FP and see how badly it got abused in play, and bump it up if it turned out to be a problem.

    1. Yeah, that lingering effect is why I'm not sure. I think I probably will increase it to 2 and see what happens.