Monday, January 25, 2016

Current Campaign, Session 16 Log

I'm going to post a campaign log about my current ongoing campaign, but since I started this blog with the campaign in progress I'm not going to fill in logs for the prior sessions.

Aengus, Mage and Present Champion of the God of Thieves
Beorth Swords-dragon, Drake with a Greatsword
Dregma, Goblin Tinker
Hadric of the Dancing Swords, Mage
Markus, Hobgoblin Paladin of the God of Chivalry
Nesha, Catfolk Cleric of the God-Queen of Arcte
"Sir" Reginald, the Psuedo-otyugh Swashbuckler
Zakur, Amnesiac Reformed Lich


Hired by an ancient Mummy in the City of Brass to steal the eyes of the statue of the "Demon-Lord of the All-Consuming Fire," the party has invaded his nearby temple.  The prior session ended in a fight with the temple's Fire Giant guards, in which, due to an untimely 17, our poor swashbuckler was hit with 24 points of cutting damage.  Nesha healed him as best she could but in the end it took a 4d healing potion to bring him back up to full, and a 16 HT just to survive the experience.

Another set of guards headed into the room, four Fire Giants, supported by eight Firenewts and the Fire Giant Guard Captain.  The captain threw a psi-grenade at several of the party's spellcasters, which Hadric absorbed by jumping on the bomb and covering it with his body.  A poor Will roll (with a -10 for being the sole target) put him in a coma, but luckily Nesha was able to Awaken him.

The actual fight was very quick, as there were a surprising number of critical successes for both sides.  Once the fight was over, the party quietly entered the statue chamber to view a summoning ritual in place.  Zakur cast Flesh to Stone after the party identified the caster, rendering the ritual moot.  General confusion reigned in the gallery after the interruption.

Upon stealing the first eye, the whole temple complex began to shake.  With the second, the ceilings started to collapse around the party's ears.  Escaping with little difficulty, the party found themselves the proud owners of 2-point Curses at an effective skill level of 25.

Upon their return to the physical world, the group decided to travel back to Arcte for the first time since the campaign began to get the God-Queen to remove their curses.  Ultimately successful, the group must now decide where to go from here...

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