Friday, January 29, 2016

Houserule: Energy cost multipliers

Here are the energy cost multipliers I use for pumping more energy into a spell in ceremonial casting, and for casting spells on things with a greater SM.  I don't like the simple Regular spell rule of +1 SM = +100%, as that results in things like being able to cast a spell on a battleship for x8 cost, or on the Earth itself for like x47.

The excess energy change is because I had Seekers and Traces being cast at 40+, which tends to make Scrywalls and other countermeasures a joke. Often not that hard for a group of PCs to come up with 80 energy for a single casting of a spell.  I've been thinking about modifying it further and using the same chart for both.

The first one is just the Speed/Range table shifted by a row, and reading "Yards" as "Multipliers."  The second one is the same, with the +20%, +40%, and +60% options added.

Regular Spell Costs for SM > 0

SM Multiplier
1 x2
2 x3
3 x5
4 x7
5 x10
6 x15
7 x20
8 x30
9 x50
10 x70
11 x100


Ceremonial Magic Excess Energy Bonus

Energy Cost Multiplier Bonus
x1.2 +1
x1.4 +2
x1.6 +3
x2 +4
x3 +5
x5 +6
x7 +7
x10 +8
x15 +9
x20 +10
x30 +11
x50 +12
x70 +13
x100 +14

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