Friday, September 9, 2016

New Spell: Fire Darts

I've been working on my campaigns so I haven't done as much rules-tinkering or worldbuilding as I normally do, but here's a spell I wrote to add a high rate of fire option to a mage's arsenal.

Fire Darts


College of Fire

Creates a collection of darts of flame that can be shot in rapid succession.  Each dart does 1d burning, and should the caster also know Essential Fire he may double the base casting cost for darts that do 1d+2 burning.  The caster may create up to his Magery darts each turn, for up to three turns.  The darts have 1/2D 15, Max 30, RoF=number of darts, and Rcl 2.

Cost to Cast: 1 per dart created.
Time to Cast: 1 to 3 seconds.
Prerequisites: Magery 1, Create Fire, and Haste.


I'd change the prerequisites to Great Haste instead of Haste, but I really don't want to give a spellcaster any more excuses to take it...


  1. What would you say is the upside of these? It seems like the top end is 9 x 1d+1, ROF 9, for a nice little bonus to hit but rarely more a few hits, each of which has to overcome DR.

  2. Yeah, it's only good for unarmored or lightly armored targets. If you do hit, and hit with multiple shots, they probably won't dodge all of them. I think that could have a niche.

  3. I just remembered why I wrote this one. I had rolled up some spell names on Seventh Sanctum's Spell Generator and "Darts of Flame" was the only name out of 25 I felt like I could write a spell for. It's been sitting in my "Notes" folder for a while (a year or more) so it took me a couple of days to remember that.