Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Magnificent Samurai: Session 2

I ran the Magnificent Samurai this past Sunday.  I had to call it an hour or so early because I had a headache so we didn't get as much done.


  • Augustus Scitiori - A former centurion, and a dual-weapon master of shortswords.
  • Catonio, a Catfolk Swashbuckler searching for the Six Fingered Man who killed his parents.
  • Eliot de la Frau - A Saber-master and pirate.
  • Erland - a Jotun wrestler.
  • Markus - A Hobgoblin Paladin of the God of Chivalry.
  • Melek - a Nephilim (half-angel) greatswordsman and user of Imbuements.
  • Tonokai - a Kazanjiman horse-archer (but not technically a Samurai as she has no Status.)
Plus, Sir-Not-Appearing-At-This-Session:
  • Gortak, a Jotun master of the Greatsword.

The Final Battle of the Bandit Keep

The group reformed inside the gates and Eliot set the two cannon up facing the courtyard, and reloaded them.  The keep was a motte-and-bailey style construction, an outer keep surrounding a central tower, so he set them up where each had a line-of-fire into the "alleys" created by the outer and inner walls.

On the tower, an archer in red appeared, and took a potshot at Tonokai, who fired back.  They had an archer's duel for a few seconds while two groups of six dueling-halberd wielding mooks approached.  (Players: "Why don't they have Chinese weapons?"  Me: "These have tassels!" My real intention was for an eastern style polearm but I forgot to look up the names beforehand.)

Eliot shot his grapeshot at group #1; two of them fell, two were hit but their scale armor soaked the damage, and two were missed.  Around this time, Tonokai failed a Dodge and was struck, taking a big hit that reduced her to 0 HP, but a good HT score kept her around and kicking, passing both her Unconsciousness and Stun check.  Erland charged the survivors of Group #1, while Augustus and Markus followed him, and I decided at that point to use a Mob Rule for groups of unimportant enemies: only one would attack at a time, the others doing that martial art movie standard of waving their weapons around uselessly.  I'd never do that in a normal campaign, but in an all-fighters game the unarmed guys deserve their fun, and in my opinion it's anticlimactic for the wrestler to get chopped into mincemeat while trying to handle number 1 out of 4.  I will say he did make good use of cover while he was approaching, so he wasn't charging forward blindly.

While this was going on, a maul-wielding Rhinoman in Scale armor used Flying Leap to appear in a knot of PCs.  He was scary: a SM 1 opponent with a SM 1 Maul and Weapon Master, or 4d+15 crushing damage with Reach 1-3*.  I even had him do Defensive Attacks so he could retain his Parry and he was still doing 4d+7.  Unfortunately for him, Melek scored a Critical Hit on him on the turn he showed up, so he was down to just over 1/2 his starting HP from the get-go.

Eliot fired his remaining cannon at the Rhinoman, but his armor + tough skin soaked all the damage.  Melek and the Rhinoman tied up for a few turns, the Rhinoman using his superior reach to force Committed Attacks by attacking and stepping back.  Two more elite polearm guys also leapt (flyingly!) into the fray, attacking both Markus and Augustus.  A third actually failed his Flying Leap roll so he was held in reserve for three turns while he concentrated again.  This actually ended up hurting the PCs, as he leapt into Augustus's blind spot and hit him in the Vitals.  Augustus then failed his Stun Check by more than 5 and was out.

Tonokai made HT her rolls for the entire fight (HT 13 + Fit was a very good decision) to remain active.  She stopped shooting at the Archer and took out some of the mooks and made some good shots at the elite guys and a few of the mooks.  Bad luck kept Catonio tied up with a couple of mooks; I kept rolling 5s and 6s for one of their defense rolls.

  Melek ended up getting hit, hard, as did Markus, so they were also making consciousness checks, but the PCs eventually wore down their foes and won.  Eliot hit the Rhinoman in the armpit and took him to half Move and Dodge, one of the elites got grappled, and it was over at that point.  Eliot Lizard Climbed to the Red Archer's position and the Red Archer tried to flee, but he failed an Acrobatics roll to gracefully swing away on a rope and instead hit the ground hard.   They spent a few turns brawling in the dirt until Eliot punched him in the face and he went out.

The fight being over, they took the prisoners and loot to Mr. Han's and I called it there.  This was a fight with some serious opponents and the party did good to get a victory here.  I will note they hired on a healer priestess immediately after this, as half the group being out for weeks wouldn't be much fun.

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