Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Note and an NPC

Posting will be light this week, as I was on vacation last weekend and am planning for a new campaign starting this Sunday.  It's an all-fighters campaign set in the China-esque lands of the East in my gameworld.  For your amusement here's one of the lieutenants of The 44, a local pack of bandits plaguing the campaign's starting area.  I've left most Advantages and Disadvantages off this sheet, but I figure the stuff I did list would be readily found out.

White Faced Killer


ST 11 HP 11 Basic Speed 8
DX 16 Will 14 Basic Move 8
IQ 10 Per 12
HT 13 FP 13 SM 0
Dodge 12 Parry 12 Block 10 DR: 0


Broadsword • Swing (24): 1d+5 cut at reach 1.
Broadsword • Thrust (24): 1d+4 imp at reach 1.
Karate • Punch (16): 1d-1 cr at reach C.
Karate • Kick (14): 1d cr at reach C,1.


Attractive Appearance; Callous; Code of Honor (Pirate's), Distinctive Features (White Hair and Skin); Vow (Never Refuse a Challenge to Combat); Others


Acrobatics–16; Broadsword–22; Carousing–14; Cloak–16; Dancing–16; Fast-Draw (Sword)–18; Gesture–11; Intimidation–14; Jumping–16; Karate–16; Leadership–10; Meditation–12; Philosophy (Avgatism)–9; Riding (Horses)–16; Sex Appeal–14; Streetwise–10; Throwing–16.

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